From the Editor: Dreading the bubble


It’s that time of year where we start reviewing the ballot and working to decide who might be best to serve us on the local, state and federal levels. For me, it’s become the time where I dread filling in the bubbles.

I still believe in voting. I truly believe it’s important to vote and get my opinions out there. However, given the current state of our political climate, I dread it. I dread it because it’s becoming harder to even see which candidates are looking for the job to actually do good work, or if they are just spreading a party message, being vindictive and acting like children.

I, like many, am tired of the self-serving politicians who, as soon as they are elected, forget about the job they are there to do and immediately stand on a side and fight.

To the politicians in office — you are not elected to just represent a side. You see, once in office, you are there to represent all your constituents — even the ones who did not vote for you.

To the voters — If you are filling in a bubble based solely on a party line — What good does that do?

In an interesting discussion with a friend recently, I said I was tired of the same people constantly getting reelected. I would like to see the career politicians go. That means Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz. In all honesty, I would also like to see some of the newer ones go — the AOCs, and Lauren Boeberts for instance. I would like all of them out.

I was saying I do not understand how they continue to get reelected when clearly they are not doing good work. My friend brought up a valid, yet interesting point, saying, “It’s better to vote for the devil you know.”

Honestly, there is a lot of truth to his statement. Incumbents continue to be returned to office because of fear for voting for change. In Pelosi’s case, she continues to get reelected because she’s the one they know on the side that California district trusts more. While there may not be a lot of trust or approval, for many, it’s better than the untested challenger on the other side of the aisle.

That has led us to the current issues. Every two years a new party takes over with the main leaders being reelected and kept in place. While the tide might change from red to blue every few years, nothing really changes.

If we could get a good, unaffiliated candidate — I would give it serious thought.

Am I always right in the vote I cast? Absolutely not. I do find myself disappointed more often than I used to be. However, I am always positive I did my best to research, understand and pick the candidate who I believe will represent the people – all people.

Thelma Grimes is the south metro editor for Colorado Community Media.


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