Note from the Editor: A bit spoiled


n April 20, the afternoon became rough as reality set in on just how much we are tied to our phones. The reality hit on a particular day where it was not convenient either.

Around 1:30 p.m., I picked up the phone and tried to call my husband while driving to an eye doctor appointment. I wanted to talk about dinner and see what the doctor said about our son.

I tried dialing only to get a strange message about the call failing. I thought it was just a glitch and tried again. I soon got a text telling me my husband could see that I was calling but could not answer it.

Then, we did the usual — restart the phone, reset network settings and, strangely, turn it to airplane mode and back off again. None of those tricks worked.

Most afternoons the inability to make an actual phone call would be fine. But it was on this afternoon on April 20 that I started to question how reliant we as a society are on these traveling companions.

While I was at the eye doctor, my husband wrote to say the place where our son’s antibiotic was called into did not have any supplies. They said they were too understaffed to call another Walgreens for us.

Well, that led to a back-and-forth about calling the doctor — oh, wait, we can’t. Then, the quick advice to just call another Walgreens — oh, wait, we can’t.

With the husband doing work meetings, I was sitting at the eye doctor thinking they need to hurry so I can drive to either the doctor’s office to get a written script or drive to another Walgreens to see if they had supplies.

I soon realized I too had a work call coming up. Had to quickly send out an email to say it couldn’t happen.

Driving to Walgreens, I realized that once mobile devices are down, at least in my home, there is no alternative. We let the landline at our house go a long time ago. None of our devices were working to call out.

I made it to the Walgreens and had them look up my son’s information. She soon said she will give me a call when it is complete. I had to say no. I can’t get calls right now. I asked for a text or email.

This may have been a few hours in one afternoon that just had a few out-of-the-ordinary obstacles, but still, I have to say I was taken back with how much it bothered me that I could not call out. That I could not take any calls.

In the end, all worked out, I just had to do a little more work to get things done. Maybe, that is a good thing that I did not have the luxury of the phone to take care of everything.

I can say this – it is a pain to do without the phone. Maybe it is a wake-up call on how spoiled we are. How good we have it sometimes and how we take some many our luxuries for granted because most days they are just there.


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